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In fact, it's based on a video I watched, I just imagined my wife and I in the situation. Let me know what you think. It's a quickie, but fun.

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I have a vivid memory of being tickled when I was about five years old. My dad and my uncle tickled me to the floor, sandwiching me between the wall and the dining room table. While my uncle tickled me, my dad pretended to pull Cheerios out of my bellybutton and strawberries out of my strawberry-blonde hair, slurping them up like a delicious bowl of cereal. I also remember that, as the tickling continued, my laughter turned to tears of pain, that my ribs felt close to cracking with every gasping breath, that I felt cornered and helpless, and that nothing I did would get them to stop.

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As she dragged the dead pile of metal behind her through the forests southwest of Meridian, she scolded herself for getting tangled in this errand that had turned into far more trouble than it was worth. She had accepted an arrangement from a young merchant in Meridian to track down a stolen ring in exchange for a generous payment of shards, and a unique modification to her bow to enhance the speed of her shots. Although, honestly, even without promise of a reward, she probably would have still agreed to help.

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If this concept offends you, or is illegal where you live, then proceed no further. This tale contains absolutely no sex or erotic themes. If that is what you are looking for, then drink a bottle of bleach and make the world a better place.

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This is adult oriented fiction of a strong sexual nature. If you are under 18 years of age or easily offended by such material, then click your browser's back button now. The copyright of this story remains with the author, Night Owl.

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When I was little, I had such a reputation among my family for being ticklish, my cousin would tease me by tickling the air above my body, sending me into a giggle fit. And if not, what does make people ticklish? If you could tickle yourself, you'd constantly be startling yourself.

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I meet up with Pete and after he has made love to me I am even more convinced that my love for Ron is not the real thing Kevin and Ed are friends. Ed goes to Kevin"s house.

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I mean come on I like watching Disney every once in a while but it's just too squeaky clean to put Naruto on it. Don't they know that shippuuden is darker, more dramatic and more violent than part one, I swear people do stuff backwards, but oh well I guess it can't be helped. This story is very explicit. If you're underage or that stuff bugs you, don't read it because I don't want to hear it.


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